Notices -

Thursday 17th of May, 2018

Meeting / Practices Location When Staff
All Powerco Future Tech Event Devon Hotel Fri 18 May 6pm - 10 pm PCH
  Few tickets left for students
Friday 18th May 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. “Technology that will make our lives better” -- 2 tickets left
Saturday 19th May 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. “Our energy today” -- 6 tickets left
If you are still interested please see Mr. P Chand asap

Notices Staff
All All Sports Captains JMS
  All Sports Captains need to put their Sports Teams results on the list in the main school office . These need to be completed every week so results can be acknowledged at Assembly

  JNR Boys - No training Thursday.
GOATS - Please meet at FDMC on Friday @ 4.40pm
ALL PLAYERS to attend training on Saunday at 10am.

All Be in class HKN
  A friendly reminder that your top job at school is to be in class, learning.

So, thanks for leaving everything else (including panadols, plasters, stuff to do with subjects etc.) for intervals and lunchtimes.

And, if on the rare occasion that you do need to leave class, thanks for getting a note from your teacher and for leaving your mates in class to their learning - you are supporting their success.

All Health Nurse SFA
  The Nurse will be here on Monday at 9am and Thursday at 10.30 this week.

All Music Lessons JSU
  For all students having itinerant music lessons (including guitar, bass, singing and piano) please ensure you check your lesson time each week (preferably on the morning of your lesson) displayed on the notice board in the main corridor, by the boys' toilets, and also its displayed in the music room.
I will no longer be putting lessons times in the daily notices.

All School Cross Country JMS
  Today is the Cross country - all those students who have put their names down need to be ready to race at the end of lunchtime. Meet at the field behind the two-storey block ready to go at 2pm.
NO other students are to be there, only the runners are to be released from class.

All Science fair KKE
  Have an idea for a gadget? have some thoughts about an invention you could build or develop? Been thinking about some everyday science problems and how to solve them? Do you like to draw? do you like to design? do you like to write? do you like to make things? Do you like to take photos?
If you answered yes to any of these things then the science fair has a category for you to enter. With loads of prizes up for grabs and a chance to do something a bit different, why wouldn't you give it a go. Please see Ms Keighley(Rm 12 - F3) for more details about options for entering the science fair.

All Senior Maori Science tutorial PMA
  Lunchtime today in F2 (Chem lab)