Notices -

Saturday 23rd of February, 2019

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Notices Staff
All Health Nurse SFA
  The Health Nurse will be holding Clinics on Monday and Friday each week. The Office can contact the Nurse if you need to see her out of these times.

  Remember that in this hot weather it is easy to dehydrate. KEEP YOUR FLUIDS UP. If you are getting a headache, have a drink of water.

All Pool times for PE HKN
  Take PE? In Year 9 and 10? Check the glass noticeboard by the office for your pool times - remember your togs!

  These will be taken on Monday 25th February.
If you want to have a sibling photo please come and get an envelope from the office this week

  This is your chance to get a Student ID - $7 to be paid to office by 25/2/2019.

All Y12&13 Wednesday Study HKN
  If you are in Year 12 or 13 and missed the letter to your whanau that says you are able to study at home on Wednesday during P5, please pick one up from the office.

Reminder to Year 13s - during your 'normal' study lines you should sign in and stay in the library (or with a specific teacher)

Seniors WhyOra Health Careers Introduction JST
  ALL Year 11, 12 & 13 students who identify as Maori ... please come to J3 at 11:00am on Wednesday 27th February, for the introductory session of the WhyOra Health Careers programme for 2019. The programme providers would like to meet with you all at this session, even if you don't think you are particularly interested in a career in the health field, at this point. Remember, though, that careers in health cover a huge range of occupations, not just those that require a university education or those that deal directly with patients. Participants in the WhyOra programme will have wonderful opportunities throughout the year and the support continues throughout your tertiary study or employment when you leave high school.