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What is English about at Waitara High School?

English at Waitara High School is about preparing students to be confident, successful individuals for the world they live in. We endeavour to instil a passion for language and texts and provide wide experiences in order for students to be able to communicate effectively in a wide range of settings. English at Waitara High is about building confidence, lifting literacy skills and students having ownership of learning and succeeding so that they have the skills to move forward and attack new challenges in the world. We are passionate about English and strive to share the value of it to students. We also provide opportunities for students to meet individual goals as well as learn to be tolerant and co-operative of others.

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Year 9 and 10
Year 11
Year 12
Year 13

The two English courses: "Language & Literature" and "Language & Communication"

Upon reaching Year 11 and your first year of NCEA, students are given the choice of entering one of two English courses, they are as follows:

Language & Literature
This is an achievement standards course that is academic. It is designed for people going to university or other tertiary education.

Language & Communication
A course that is more practical in its outlook and more suited to people NOT going to university. The course structure is very flexible so suits people who have a lot of other commitments.

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