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Tuesday 13th of February, 2018

Meeting / Practices Location When Staff
Year 10 Drama P8 Wed 4 Apr MSK
  Year 10 drama P3.

Can students come to Mr skippers class p8 today please. Don't go to the hall.

Notices Staff
All Basketball Skills and Drills SFA
Monday 19th February and Friday 23rd February
Lunchtime 1.20pm - 2.00pm, in the Gym
All welcome

All Specify a Notice Subject LMG

Seniors Credits for Driver Licences JST
  Just a reminder that you can now be awarded NCEA credits for gaining your Learner, Restricted or Full NZ Driver Licence! Learner = two Level 1; Restricted = four Level 2; Full = two Level 2. To gain these credits, pick up a form from the Main Office, fill out the top two sections of it (including your NSN). When complete, bring the form and your driver licence to Ms Steenson, Careers Office, or the Main Office if I'm not there. Your licence will be photocopied and returned to you as soon as possible. Credit/s will be entered on your Record of Achievement. All Driver Licences issued since 27 February 2012 are eligible.